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Personal Assistant Essentials (BTRC)

Lifestyle Management


"Beyond the Red Carpet: Essential Skills for the Personal Assistant" is the flagship online workshop that allows learners to get the best professional training on Personal Assistants available—with all the convenience and speed of the Internet.

This on-demand workshop covers the essential topics for novice personal assistants or those aspiring to enter the ranks of this unique career. This course is a pre-requisite for the certificate courses.

This course includes presentations and videos that will cover:
* Practical skills needed for lifestyle management
* Social skills and protocol, Communications
* Etiquette and Grace
* Career Development, Resume requirements for PA positions
* The hiring process/ working with recruiters
* Where are the jobs?
* Establishing a Partnership with your Employer
* Working together: The celebrity/assistant team
* How to make yourself an indispensable part of the celebrity’s life,
* Time management and stress reduction solutions among other essential topics.

• Free Beyond the Red Carpet E-book
• Professional 15 minute job interview with a CPAI Recruiter which will include a follow-up with:
(Feedback + Advice + Resources)
• 50% off of up to 2 tele-coaching sessions
• FREE DESIGNER RESUME (we will create a unique design of your existing resume)
• 50% off of Resume Critique and Writing (you can order a re-write and use the design credit for this
new version of your resume.
• You will be added to the distribution list for "hidden" Hollywood jobs that CPAI is staffing for as well as other agencies and entertainers job lists.

** No certificate is awarded for this class. However this course is a prerequisite for the certificate courses in our catalog. (You are encouraged to continue your training to receive advanced certification as a Personal Assistant Specialist. Certified Personal Assistant Master; Certified Lifestyle Manager, etc.)

  • Meet your Learning Coach
  • Discussion Boards (Explained)
  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Pre-Test
  • Discussion Board: Introduce yourself to the class
  • Course Guidance
  • TEXTBOOK: Beyond the Red Carpet
  • TEXTBOOK: The Definitive Personal Assistant Handbook
  • TEXTBOOK: Time Management
  • TEXTBOOK: Resume and Cover Letter Guide
  • JUNG TEST: What is your Personality: Learning About Ourselves
  • Holland Codes Test: Linking Your Personality to Career Decisions
  • Discussion Board: Ask the CEO
  • Section 1: Keys to Becoming a Successful Personal Assistant
  • UNIT 1: Objectives (Video)
  • UNIT 1: Reading Assignments
  • UNIT 1: The Need for Personal Assistants
  • UNIT 1: What's in a name?
  • UNIT 1: What Is Your Role?
  • UNIT 1: VIDEO: Career Advice from PA at National UK Magazine
  • UNIT 1: Types of Assistants
  • UNIT 1: VIDEO: Talk Show Host Ellen discusses the importance of Assistants
  • UNIT 1: Work Environments
  • UNIT 1: Assessment: What environment is the best fit your you?
  • UNIT 1: Video: Scene from The Devil Wears Prada
  • UNIT 1: Assignment: Where would you work?
  • UNIT 1: Safety and Security
  • UNIT 1: Quiz: Safety and Security
  • UNIT 1: Household Staff
  • UNIT 1: Communication and Effective Writing
  • UNIT 1: Quiz: Written Communication
  • UNIT 1: Management Skills
  • UNIT 1: Management Skills Assignment
  • UNIT 1: Discussion: Top Attribute of a Personal Assistant
  • UNIT 1: Assertiveness
  • UNIT 1: Discussion: Assertiveness
  • Section 2: Career Tips: Finding a Celebrity Assistant Job
  • UNIT 2: Objectives (Video)
  • UNIT 2: Reading Assignments
  • UNIT 2: How to get started in a PA Career
  • UNIT 2: Shifting Careers
  • UNIT 2: Transferable Skills
  • UNIT 2: Job Boards: Where to apply for Personal Assistant Jobs:
  • UNIT 2: Case Study - How Candice found her PA Job
  • UNIT 2: Assess yourself
  • UNIT 2: Media Segment on CPAI's Personal Assistant candidates
  • UNIT 2: The Celebrity Job Market: Effective Networking
  • UNIT 2: Preparing Your Resume: Keywords
  • UNIT 2: Assignment: Rewrite your resume
  • UNIT 2: Six Steps to Job Search Success: The Process
  • UNIT 2: Working with Recruiters
  • UNIT 2: Resume Tips from a Top Recruiter: Kimberly Bishop
  • UNIT 2: Top Interview Questions
  • UNIT 2: Job Search: Communication Skills
  • UNIT 2: The CPAI Job Board
  • Section 3: Beyond the Red Carpet: Concierge, PR, Event and Travel Planning
  • UNIT 3: Objectives (Video)
  • UNIT 3: Reading Assignments
  • UNIT 3: Basic Concierge Skills
  • UNIT 3: Keeping Calendars
  • UNIT 3: Quiz: Keeping Calendars
  • UNIT 3: Grammar Assignment
  • Basic Etiquette 101
  • Section 4: Take Care of YOU: Time, Stress and Emotion Management, Delegation
  • UNIT 4: Reading Assignments
  • Unit 4: Introduction to Time Management
  • Unit 4: Time Management
  • UNIT 4: Dealing with Difficult People
  • UNIT 4: Quiz: Dealing with Difficult People
  • UNIT 4: Your Emotional Intelligence
  • UNIT 4: VIDEO: Emotional Intelligence
  • Unit 4: Discussion: Emotional Intelligence
  • UNIT 4: Handling Stress
  • UNIT 4: Quiz: Handling Stress
  • Congrats on finishing this course
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed