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Personal Assistant Essentials (BTRC)
Lifestyle Management
Personal Assistant Essentials (BTRC)
"Beyond the Red Carpet: Essential Skills for the Personal Assistant" is the flagship online workshop that allows learners to get the best professional training on Personal Assistants available—with all the convenience and speed of the Internet....
Building Better Teams (BuildBetterTeams)
Personal and Professional Development
Building Better Teams (BuildBetterTeams)
Teams are an important building block of successful organizations. Whether the focus is on service, quality, cost, value, speed, efficiency, performance, or other similar goals, teams are the basic unit that supports most organizations. With...
Conflict Resolution:  Getting Along At Work (ConflictResolution)
Personal and Professional Development
Conflict Resolution: Getting Along At Work (ConflictResolution)
Many people see conflict as a negative experience. In fact, conflict is a necessary part of our personal growth and development. Think of when you were trying to choose your major in college, for example, or trying to decide between two...
Certificate: Personal Assistant Specialist (CPAS)
Lifestyle Management
Certificate: Personal Assistant Specialist (CPAS)
Students are eligible to take this advanced course to further their knowledge in Personal Assistant services after completing "Beyond the Red Carpet: Essential Skills for the Personal Assistant." This course includes additional coursework and a...
Conflict Resolution:  Dealing With Difficult People (DealDifficultPeople)
Personal and Professional Development
Conflict Resolution: Dealing With Difficult People (DealDifficultPeople)
Course Overview We can get into a routine where it feels like everyone we speak with is either having a bad day, or we are having a bad day ourselves. We feel like we constantly meet people who seem to be inconsiderate, stubborn, incorrigible,...
Diversity Training: Celebrating  Diversity in the Workplace (Diversity)
Personal and Professional Development
Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace (Diversity)
More than ever, a workplace is a diverse collection of individuals proud of who they are: their gender, their sexual orientation, their religion, their ethnic background, and all the other components that make an individual unique. One of the...
Emotional Intelligence (Emotional-Intel)
Personal and Professional Development
Emotional Intelligence (Emotional-Intel)
Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect...
Getting Your Job Search (GettingUrJobSearch)
Personal and Professional Development
Getting Your Job Search (GettingUrJobSearch)
While looking for work can be an exciting time, it can also involve fear and discomfort about change and the unknown. Whether you are already in the midst of a job search or just thinking about it, this workshop will help you to determine what...
A Beginner's Guide To Neuro Linguistic Programming (IntroNeuroLinguist)
Personal and Professional Development
A Beginner's Guide To Neuro Linguistic Programming (IntroNeuroLinguist)
Your brain, thoughts, and behavior are at the core of everything that you do every day, even if you aren’t aware of it. In order to truly achieve the results that you want to achieve, you must master the art of bringing your unconscious...
Managing Difficult Conversations (ManageDifficultConve)
Personal and Professional Development
Managing Difficult Conversations (ManageDifficultConve)
We have so many interactions in the run of a day, it’s reasonable to expect that some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations that you have in person, or you manage a virtual team and need to speak with someone in...